Internet Radio Station Winners

Shiara Luyo Parra and Jenny Estrada are Latinas who are empowered as Social Communicators in a fresh, entertaining, familiar and full of energy program concentrating our Latin People who wait Saturday to Saturday to connect to The Shiara Show. Jenny Estrada and Shiara Luyo Parra, host, produce and direct the radio program, taking care of every note of information, art and culture of our community. The program was born with the purpose of leaving a Legacy to our Latino Culture, which serves the future for the support, evolution and education of society. The segments that are presented are: LISTEN TO MY VOICE (Escucha mi Voz) which is aimed at young people with diverse artistic talents who want to be heard and supported in their art and the program will open its doors for their musical productions to be broadcasted on The Shiara Show. The Shiara Show interviews with Personalities of our community, Organizations, Institutions, Politicians, Community. The Shiara Show is a show produced by Shiara Production & Entertainment, LLC. Peruvian Import Co Inc. is a proud sponsor of The Shiara Show.  We often have promotional giveaway baskets for the audience, tune in to The Shiara Show via Facebook or radio to follow and see if you can win a basket of Peruvian Food products